Professional Writing

Here is an assortment of articles that I have written/published in my professional capacity (i.e., related to humanitarian and development work).

  • The Cost of Coherence. This report was published as part of  MSF-Spain’s Emergency Gap Series of reports.  The paper responds to the World Humanitarian Summit’s misguided attempt to shift the humanitarian paradigm, as described in its flagship report, One Humanity: Shared Responsibility. Humanitarian action should not be placed within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the long history of failed attempts at creating a coherent system must be understood rather than ignored.  The report, though, is less about the WHS than the role of humanitarian action, its responsiveness to the needs of people in crisis and in particular its relationship with development.

Here is a link to the PDF. The Cost of Coherence.

  • Humanitarian Priorities for People in Crises: The foundations for a more effective response. Based on research and a set of three roundtable discussions, a companion piece to “On the Right Track” (see below) — a closer look at humanitarian performance when it comes to protection, principles and accountability

Here is the link to the PDF. Humanitarian Priorities

  • On the Right Track? Reasserting the priorities of humanitarian action. (Lead author). Published by HERE-Geneva in May 2016. A paper aimed at the World Humanitarian Summit, and a call for dealing with the fundamental issues of protection, the principles and accountability.

Here is a link to the PDF. On the Right Track?

  • The Ebola Response in West Africa: Exposing the politics and culture of international aid. (Lead author) Published by ODI/HPG in October 2015. A critical look at humanitarian response through the lens of the Ebola outbreak.

Here is a link to the PDF.  The Ebola Response in West Africa

  • Protection: The New Humanitarian Fig-leaf.  Published 2008 on the Groupe URD website.  It is a critical look at the concept and practice of humanitarian protection.

Here is the PDF.  Protection: The New Humanitarian Fig-leaf

  • Protection: Fig-leaves and other delusions.  An update in thinking on the original article (#1, above}.  Published 2010 by ODI’s Humanitarian Practice Network.

Here is the article: Protection: Fig-leaves and other delusions

  • Civilian Protection and Humanitarian Advocacy: Strategies and (False) Dilemmas. Published in ODI Humanitarian Practice Network’s Humanitarian Exchange, Issue 39, June 2008.  This article looks in detail at building strong humanitarian advocacy, and dealing with the difficulties therein.

Here is a link to the full issue and here is a link to the article.

  • The Governance of the Third World: A Foucauldian Perspective on Power Relations in Government.  Published in Alternatives, way back in 1991.  Back when I actually had time to think about stuff!

Here is the pdf:  Governance of the Third World

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